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My right wrist is currently in plaster, although in a way which gives me pretty much full gripping use of my thumb/fingers. (The cast instructions said to ensure that i could both make a fist and outstretch my fingers with the cast on right from the day it was put on).

The cast is only preventing motion at the wrist itself - the cast instructions tell me to keep rotating my arm (ie stick out my arm and rotate my hand) - which seems to give me a lot of movement that I'd have thought was my wrist, but i guess isn't (i can put my right elbow on the table and rotate my hand from palm up to palm down with almost no restriction from the plaster.)

It's going to be borderline whether they'll take the cast off before christmas ... but when i mentioned to the doc about wanting to drive to my mums for christmas, after a bit of persuasion (pointing out there's no railway anywhere near, and needing to transport presents, clothes for the visit, etc), he said 'ok, drive with the cast on'.

I've managed to convince them to give me an appointment on the morning of christmas eve (ie the day i'd want to drive) to re-evaluate, and there's a small chance they might take the plaster off then, although I got the impression they'd rather leave it on a few more days more just to be sure ... but I'll have to wait and see.

I got the impression that the doctor was more concerned about the harm driving might do to my wrist rather than seeming to think that it wouldn't enable me to control the car. (His 'ok drive with the plaster on' comment seemed to be because he thought it would protect my wrist while driving - he seemed more comfortable with the idea of me driving with the cast on than off!)

A while back we had a one-armed (left arm) employee where I work who drove a manual car, that as far as I know wasn't modified. So even the complete lack of a right arm/hand doesn't seem to automatically rule out driving (he'd been one-armed for a while, and drove every day, so I presume his driving was legit).

So i suppose two questions...

1. if the doctor wants the plaster to stay on, but says i can drive with it on, what's the legal position?
2. if the doctor takes it off and says it's ok for me to drive, is that enough?
[both situations assuming i feel comfortable that I have proper control of the vehicle - I wouldn't drive if I didn't feel I had proper control]

- venice2001
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