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It's my sad duty to announce that we'll be closing the Fool UK Discussion Boards to new posts on Thursday 17 November. After they close to new posts, the Boards will remain accessible as a 'read-only' archive for at least 3 months.

The Boards were launched back in January 1998 — several lifetimes ago in Internet time — and the code that runs them has become increasingly hard to maintain and keep integrated with the rest of the Fool UK site. Indeed, it's a testament to the original developers of the Boards that they have lasted so long.

However, we're currently bringing the software platform of the UK Fool into line with our other International sites, and a consequence of that we have to lose parts of the site that are based on older technologies.

So, as well as the Boards, all of the pages that require you to be logged in will be disappearing — eg, 'Favourite Boards', 'Favourite Fools', 'Replies to Your Posts', 'Marked for Later Reply', and 'My Fool'. Also, the 'Profile' pages for posters — ie, the one with 'Info' and 'Activity' tabs — will be going, too.

We'd like to sincerely thank the many thousands of posters who have made the Fool boards a truly unique and wonderful place over almost two decades . The amount of time that people have put into helping their fellow Fools, and the remarkable detail behind many of the answers given, has been truly astounding and inspiring to witness.

Indeed, the Boards went far beyond their original remit as a place to discuss investing and financial matters. Over the years there have been discussions on pretty much every subject imaginable, from astronomy and cycling, through football and photography, to steam railways and weight control.

Many Fools have met up in real life, at numerous Foolish social events, and there have been Foolish marriages, births and, sadly, the deaths of a few Foolish friends as well.

I'd like to thank all the TMFers who have who have worked in the UK Fool's community team over the years — the numerous 'strollers' who helped nurture the Foolish community spirit in the early days; George, better known as TMFGrow, who ran the Boards for almost a decade, from their inception in 1998 to early 2007; and TMFSash and TMFBoing, who have shouldered the bulk of the moderation work over the past several years. The work of the Board moderators isn't always appreciated, but I believe they played a crucial role in maintaining the quality of the discussion on the Boards.

Again, our thanks go to everyone who helped to make the Fool UK Discussion Boards a very special place indeed.

Foolish best wishes

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Closure of the UK Discussion Boards
The UK Discussion Boards are now closed to new posts.