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C.J.V. - glue traps and bug spray tends to control the pests but I haven’t been able to eliminate them, no.

As a professional, that is a problem I had to contend with in all the tropical/sub tropical locations that I worked in.

Off topic but a interesting anecdote:

I once had to supervise the kitchens (galleys) on the two Hilton River Nile cruise ships, the Isis and the Osiris. The flour on board was always full of weavils and had to be sieved before use. The croissants and danish on one of the ships could have been sold in any top rated Parisien boulangerie, the pastries on the sister ship were always below standard. The chef blamed it on the weavils eating all the gluten out of the flour! We never did pursuade him that maybe his technique was at fault.

Many more interesting stories, me.

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