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So 15+ years and a few changes of "hat"

Actually Philanthropissed started off in Feb 2001, but not having a computer of my own , and Posting from Work a Hanging Offence, I lost track of him somehow.

Binalurkin tried to maintain a "techy" approach, while his mate Poortoyboy did the philosophical bit.

Fool did not like dual personas, even though there was good reason ( IMHO ) for a separate Techy persona and a Philosophical one; and when I got my responses mixed up , some blighter shopped me, and both personas got Zapped, Hey Ho.

Oncewass took over after a bit of a gap, but having been out of the business for many years, no longer pounced so vigorously on dubious statements by others on Pensions matters, and was really a successor to Poortoyboy rather than Binalurkin.

To my suprise Oncewass in only a couple of years @ around 7000 posts made as many posts as Binalurkin and Poortoyboy combined in over 10 years.

Dunno if I will join you all on Lemonfool , have to see. Binalurkin is now more than 10 years retired ( Blimey ! ) so may not try to re establish as an up to date pensions Guru ( because he ain't no more ! )

So if I re-emerge. Should it be as Oncewass, Poortoyboy or ressurect Philanthropissed ?

Have to see which if any of those person as is available on Lemonfool I guess. Do have an old attachment to Philanthropissed...... He seemed to reflect my view of life.
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