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Author: paintitblack | Date: 03/03/2010 22:12:37 | Number: 16476
Clearly???? ;)

Ms Terri Jackson AKA Terry, is clearly an interesting character.

From example from WUWT -

My article “global cooling has arrived, global warming is dead” commissioned by the London branch of the Institute of Physics for their Autumn newsletter has been suppressed and will now not be published. The real reason is because it opposses global warming! This story hit the Times Higher Education edition last week with the IOP saying they do not suppress articles. They say my article should have been peer reviewed. ...

I'm not sure that 'hitting' the THES is all that great but I had a look any way.

A physicist claims she has been "censored" by her learned society after it refused to publish an article questioning global warming that she submitted to a branch newsletter.

Terri Jackson, a former lecturer at Belfast Metropolitan College, has been a member of the Institute of Physics for 30 years and founded its High Energy Physics Group.

In April, she approached the London and South East branch with the offer of an article on "global cooling" for its local newsletter.
In a statement, Beth Taylor, director of communications and external relations at the IoP, says that the institute is not in the business of either "censoring articles" or "publishing them without any proper validation or peer review".

"The right place to publish an article on this kind of topic would not be in a branch newsletter, which is really intended to report branch meetings, outreach activities and other regional events, but in a scientific journal where it would have the benefit of peer review," she says.

It's that old peer review hurdle that the climate skeptics just can't seem to transcend.

But what a drag that must be when anyone with an 'O'level in physics can see that "global cooling" is utter codswallop.

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