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Does anyone know a good reliable source of these on the Net? I particularly want these for my current project and can't find them in my usual local shops.

Alternatively, does anyone know of a way to compare shades of wool across the various brands through some kind of colour chart? (Again, preferably, on the Net)?


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Hi Weez,

Does the supplier of wools have to be on the Net? I have used quite a lot of Appleton's wools but have never purchased online mainly because I have always been pleased with the service I have received from either Craft Basics or The Viking Loom which are both in York. Both of these shops have most of the Appletons Crewel range in stock and offer a mail order service which I have used as I don't live near York. Craft Basics supply crewel wool in either hanks or half hanks (at half the price of a full hank) and The Viking Loom supplies both crewel and tapestry wools in skeins. I usually buy hanks as they work out considerably cheaper especially if you are working on a large project but it really comes down to how much you need. From memory I think the hanks are 25g and cost about £1.60 and skeins are 3 or 4g and cost about 45p. I'm sure that if you phone either company with a list of your requirements they will be very helpful.

The Viking Loom
22 High Petergate
Tel/Fax 01904 765 599

Craft Basics
9 Gillygate
North Yorkshire
Y01 7EA
Tel 01904 652840

If you get the opportunity to visit York, both of these shops are in the centre near the Minster. High Petergate is a continuation of Low Petergate heading towards Gillygate:

Alternatively Beth Russell of Designers Forum has compiled a list of stockists of her kits who also have web sites, several of these companies supply Appletons yarns:
(Click on UK orders then UK shops on the Net)

As far as I know the best conversion charts for different brands of wools are in two of Elizabeth Bradley's books, my copy of Decorative Victorian Needlework, ISBN 0 85223 837 1 has a chart for Elizabeth Bradley / Paternayan / Anchor / DMC / Appleton and Needlework Antique Flowers ISBN 0 09177122 6, has charts for Elizabeth Bradley / Anchor / DMC / Appleton. If you are interested in Victorian woolwork I'm sure that you would like both of these books but check that the conversion charts are still included, more recent books by Elizabeth Bradley do not include conversion charts. Alternatively you could send me an e-mail with the numbers you want converted.

As for conversion charts on the Net, you might find this site helpful:
Many of these conversions are between silks / silks or wool / silks and as both DMC and Anchor produce wools and silks be careful that you use the right conversion.
Or this is an index:

There is a bit more about conversions here;

Hope this helps,

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