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............and so we return to the old story. Equitable are the best in the business - look at our payouts compared to the market and we do this because we sell direct and not through third parties - inference being - without this huge extra sales overhead we can beat the market. Just to top it all - the Great and the Good are all members so you are safe with us. Well the MPs certainly were - they were spirited away at the first hint of trouble. Next someone will say this was all a big Ponzi scheme.

This was my sensible investment in the future - well this board has taught me a huge amount about human nature and finance. Should be required reading on an MBA - especially for the idiot that tried to convince me that the world was a "Perfect Market" and Black Scholes made sense.

Good bye the Equitable board and thanks for everything - Jokers corner for me now.
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The Government has agreed in principle to pay compensation - but when and how much?
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