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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 29/5/16 09:12
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Cameron should announce his resignation now to avoid the referendum becoming about his premiership. Only then can we be certain a vote to leave the EU isn’t actually a vote to get Cameron out.
  • Date: 1/5/16 10:49
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No, there isn’t a typo – although I could’ve phrased it much better!

The first time I visited the board I scanned the ‘double-digit-recced’ posts and after a while became aware that most of the ones I read were about leaving the EU.
  • Date: 30/4/16 14:39
  • Number: 2438
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This is obviously very unscientific but the first time I read this board, most of the double digit recced posts seemed to be in the out camp.

So I left it while I was away and more than a thousand posts later, caught up by once again only
  • Date: 23/12/15 14:07
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It's basically a drugs war.

it’s over simplistic to infer it’s simply a drugs war.

What might the alternative’s be to just standing back when we see a minority forcing their will on the people or a leader bullying their way
  • Date: 1/12/15 12:31
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”You will need to wait a minimum of 5 years if you want British boots on the ground in anything like enough numbers not to get slaughtered.”

Sorry - I know I’ve replied but have a bit more time now. Anyway, for the above to happen
  • Date: 30/11/15 17:27
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"And can I ask how old you are?"

Just a grumpy old git I'm afraid - way too old for conscription.

Bombing Isl by itself à la Cameron makes no sense at all and Corbyn doesn’t want us to go in any shape or form.
  • Date: 30/11/15 12:38
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“Boots on the ground is not a UK option.”

Don’t you mean it isn’t a Cameron option?

The UK needs to decide what we should stick up for.

It’s all or nothing which is the stupidity of Cameron’s approach.
  • Date: 30/11/15 10:01
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regardless of a Labour whipped vote or not, Cameron’s mistake is not sending in the Army to finish the job because of his ridiculous ‘no boots on the ground’ stance. Corbyn's not going to challenge him on that so Cameron gets away with yet another
  • Date: 21/9/15 16:00
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...unable to hand out sweeties long before the next election, I would suggest that the Electorate might decide that they've had enough of 10 years of austerity and fancy a change

Indeed. I think that contrary to what you read in the
  • Date: 31/5/15 14:54
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According to the Commonwealth Fund report on comparable health services, the UK comes out top

It was - but wasn't the measurement taken before the latest Conservative shenanigans?
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Take me back to where I was.
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