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Well, I thought I would take this final opportunity to report on my investing career to date.

Actually to report on activity since January 2001. Prior to that I had invested in the various mechanical momentum schemes (RS-MW/JT/PG), but the spreadsheet of that time is somewhere on a backup disk and the amounts were small so I am ignoring it.

Let's cut to the chase - CAGR since Jan 2001. Wait for it, drum roll please... -1.6%

Yes, that's a minus sign in front of that 1.6%. I have actually lost money after 16 years of investing. Looks like I was more foolish than Foolish.

That's not quite true as the majority of my money is in my High Yield portfolio, which I resurrected 3 years ago, and which has been making profits at a rate of 5% annually, which almost exactly cancel out my other losses. So really, after 16 years I am breaking even. It feels a bit embarrassing to be admitting that.

The main reason for this failure has been to have too much invested in Soco in the last decade. Particularly in the run up to TGD results, and then again a couple of years ago when the oil price and the share price were frothing up.

If I remove Soco from the calculations then my losses become profits, although still only at a not-exactly-buffetlike rate of 3% a year.

Luckily I can look on the bright side, I do still at least have a fairly sizeable portfolio, increasingly invested in my HYP. I have also over that time paid a significant amount into my mortgage which should be cleared in the next year or two. And I do hope that I have weaned myself off my stock-picking habits and I will at least be able to say I have been educated and amused, if not exactly enriched after 16 years of Motley Fooldom.

Will report back in another 16 years (on LemonFool?) to see how things are shaping up.

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